As the city of Rogers embarks on a journey of transformation and progress, we're excited to share some upcoming changes that will shape the future of our community.We value your input and want to hear your ideas as we work together to build a better Rogers for everyone.

Relocation of Public Works and Police Departments: One significant change on the horizon is the relocation of the Public Works Department to Rogers City Park. This move not only provides ample space for equipment storage and maintenance but also opens up opportunities for community engagement and environmental stewardship. Concurrently, the Police Department will move to the former Public Works location, a strategic decision aimed at optimizing resources and enhancing public safety efforts. These relocations will also facilitate access to Park Grants and Funds from various organizations, paving the way for further enhancements to our city's infrastructure and amenities. With these changes underway, we're eager to hear your thoughts and suggestions for the future of Rogers. How can we maximize the potential of the Rogers City Park? What improvements would you like to see in our public spaces? Your input will help shape the direction of our city's development and ensure that it reflects the needs and desires of our community. 

Safe Streets Planning: As part of our commitment to safety and accessibility, Rogers is participating in a survey conducted by the Central Texas Council of Governments and Killeen-Temple Metropolitan Planning Organization on Safe Street Planning. Your feedback is invaluable in identifying areas for improvement and prioritizing infrastructure maintenance. Additionally, an interactive map is available for citizens to pinpoint locations requiring attention. Your contributions to this survey will directly influence our efforts to create safer streets for all. 
Click HERE for the survey.

Infrastructure Repair and Event Planning: We also invite you to take part in a survey about infrastructure repair and event planning in Rogers. Your opinions on infrastructure priorities and ideas for new events are essential for guiding our decision-making process. Help us identify areas in need of repair and share your vision for exciting community events that bring us together as neighbors and friends.
Click HERE for the survey.

Your voice matters in shaping the future of the City of Rogers. We encourage you to participate in these surveys and share your ideas, suggestions, and concerns. Together, we can create a vibrant, inclusive, and thriving community that we're all proud to call home. Thank you for being an integral part of our journey towards a brighter tomorrow.