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Building Permit Information

Before a building permit will be issued, all plans and documents related to the permit application must be submitted to the City of Rogers and all applicable fees paid to the City. All new construction, alterations, or additions require a Building permit. All applications must be legible and completely filled out, dated, signed by the builder and all the builders MEP contractors must be listed on the application.
Verified address with lot, block, subdivision and phase is required on all applications.
All Contractors performing work within the Village of Salado’s jurisdiction must be registered with the City and provide proof of liability insurance.
Construction or building without a permit is subject to a fine.
Plan Review
The City will verify submittal documents are complete and forward to Bureau Veritas for Plan Review. Bureau Veritas will contact the applicant directly if additional information and/or documents are required and to discuss any noncompliance or deviation from City zoning and adopted Code requirements.
Inspections received by 5:00 p.m. Monday – Friday will be performed the next business day. Inspections related to building construction must be called into Bureau Veritas at (877) 837-8775 or faxed to (877) 837-8859. Inspection requests can also be emailed to: inspectionstx@us.bureauveritas.com 
A permit packet that includes the approved plans and documents and all inspection tickets must be on site at the time of inspection.
The building final inspection must be passed prior to occupancy of building.

Plumbing Rough – All inspections in this group must be requested at same time
Water Service – Can be done through city hall.
Form Survey – Must be in permit packet for inspection to be passed
Foundation – Engineered Foundation letter is acceptable, but must be in packet at time of frame inspection.
Electric Rough – All inspections in this group must be requested at same time
Mechanical Rough
Gas Rough Piping /Test
Plumbing Top-out

Energy Insulation – 3rd party green tag must be in permit packet.
Electrical Final
Mechanical Final
Plumbing Final
Energy Final – 
Passed Final Energy testing must be in permit packet at time of finals
Building Final
Temporary Pole and Flatwork – Can be called in at any time during construction.

There will be 2 inspections required, one at pre-drywall and one at final. Duct testing must be conducted at finals, but prior to the Building Final.
Pre-drywall inspection to include:
Insulation R-Value Installed
Quality of Insulation Installation
Window Values
Proper Sealing of Envelope
Thermal Bypass Enclosure Installed in Appropriate Locations
Inspection of Duct System Connections for Proper Sealing Techniques
Final Inspection to Include:
Attic Insulation Installed R-Value and Quality
Space heating and Cooling Equipment Efficiencies
Water Heating Equipment Efficiency
Weather Stripping of all Doors (and Attic Access located within Conditioned Space)
Duct Leakage Testing
Blower Door Testing
Permit Submittal
The permit documents and fees will be submitted to the city. Submittal documents should be complete to expedite plan review and permit issuance. Please contact the city for a complete list of permit submittal requirements.
Plan Review
Bureau Veritas will be conducting residential and commercial plan reviews. The applicant will be contacted by Bureau Veritas if revisions are needed. You may contact
Bureau Veritas’ Plan Review Department for the status of your permit at (817) 335-8111/toll free (877) 837-8775.
Inspection Requests
Please contact Bureau Veritas to request inspection(s). Any of our permit technicians can assist you. Inspections requested by 5:00 pm Monday – Friday will be performed the next business day. Inspection requests can also be faxed to the Bureau Veritas office.
Inspection line: (817) 335-8111 or (972) 980-8401
Inspection FAX line: (817) 335-8110 or (972) 980-8400
Toll Free number: (877) 837-8775
Toll Free FAX line: (877) 837-8859
Inspection requests can also be emailed to: inspectionstx@us.bureauveritas.com
Field Inspections
Inspectors assigned to your area can be contacted via cell phone. Please call the Bureau Veritas office at (817) 335-8111 or toll free (877) 837-8775 for your inspector’s
name and number.
We look forward to working with you to ensure that the community is provided with a safe and durable built environment.

Mobile Home

Manufactured Home Parks and Subdivisions are permitted only in specified areas as outlined in the attached map.
Placement and Installation Regulations for HUD-Code Manufactured Homes: Owners must file an application with the City before installation, providing verification of the home’s value, manufacturer’s details, and site plans. Post-installation requirements include connecting to city utilities, removing tires and hitches, installing skirting, and displaying the correct address.
Maintenance Regulations: Homes and skirting must be kept clean and free of damage, with repairs made within 30 days of any damage.
Nonconforming Uses: Existing HUD-Code homes installed before the ordinance adoption are exempt from new requirements unless necessary for health and safety. Nonconforming homes cannot be enlarged or moved without compliance.
Variance Requests: The City Council may consider variance requests based on specific criteria, including potential harm to property interests and undue hardship on the applicant.
Enforcement and Penalties: Designated city officials will enforce violations. Written notice of violations must be served, allowing ten days to comply. Penalties range from $250 to $2000 per offense.
Appeals: Denials of authorization can be appealed to the City Council within ten business days.

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